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EYES Mentorship Programme Expands with 19 New Mentors in Norwood and Glendevon

The EYES Mentorship Initiative of West Jamaica Conference has expanded its reach with the recent addition of 19 new mentors from the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Norwood and Glendevon, St. James.

West Jamaica Conference| Shadeka Haye-Campbell

The EYES Mentorship Initiative of West Jamaica Conference has expanded its reach with the recent addition of 19 new mentors from the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Norwood and Glendevon, St. James. After completing the mentorship training course, the newly minted mentors were recognized during a formal pinning ceremony held at the Glendevon Church. Operating within St. Elizabeth, Hanover, Westmoreland, and St. James, the Empowering Youth Engaging Society (EYES) Mentorship Initiative is dedicated to connecting Adventist mentors with mentees both within and beyond the church community.


Mentorship Coordinator of West Jamaica Conference, Mrs. Kediesha Mowatt-Grant described the response to join the programme thus far as “deeply inspiring”, noting that members across various professions, age groups and interests have stepped up to serve.


“This is a step in the right direction as the church is now even more equipped to serve individuals in these volatile communities. We want to have a diverse group for our mentees to tap into, and I’m proud of the fact that these individuals availed themselves to be trained.”


Grant also shared that in commemoration of WJC’s 80th anniversary, the EYES Mentorship Initiative is aiming to train 80 mentors per quarter across the territory, and have them officially recognized by the end of 2024.


Glendevon District Liaison Officer, Mrs. Iva Doyley addresses the audience during the Pinning ceremony held at the the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Glendevon. | PHOTO: Kediesha Mowatt-Grant

In a somewhat full-circle moment, the training session was coordinated by Mrs. Iva Doyley, Glendevon District Liaison Officer and product of the first cohort of pinned mentors in the programme. She expressed that she saw the need for the programme in her church and community.


“It's a good feeling of accomplishment knowing I would have done the programme myself and now I’m passing the baton. The programme was needed in my district however in order for persons to effectively function as mentors, they needed to be trained. With the proper training, we are more sure of positive results.”



Mrs. Kediesha Mowatt-Grant (left), Mentorship Coordinator of WJC pins Elder Radcliffe Dockery with the official EYES insignia, marking his induction into the programme.

Trainees had to fulfill the requirement of attending six 1.5-hour sessions, along with a face-to-face session, to complete the curriculum. The topics covered encompassed a range of topics, including but not limited to: Benefits of Mentoring, Understanding and Accepting Myself, Confidentiality, as well as Morals, Values, and Attitudes.


“Based on the feedback, the trainees thoroughly enjoyed the course and collectively stated that they had learnt a great deal about what mentoring really is, how to generally relate to others and how to actively listen without being judgemental,” said Ms. Andrea Patterson who served as the course facilitator.


Patterson, who primarily serves as the Area Coordinator with responsibility for mentorship, went on to share her hopes for the future trajectory of the initiative.


“I pray that more persons will become involved in the Mentorship programme. It helps persons to better understand and appreciate their roles and responsibilities in this matter of Salvation. Christ, the Greatest Mentor, gave us an example to follow, and as a Conference, Ministry, Mission and Mentorship must be part of our DNA.”


Mr. Marlon Oldfield (left), Parish Liaison Officer for St. James, presents one of the newly minted mentors with her certificate. | PHOTO: Kediesha Mowatt-Grant
When asked about the impact of the training programme and its readiness to address the social challenges in volatile communities, Elder Radcliffe Dockery, one of the pinned mentors, said, "The training strengthened the concepts I already embraced, reinforcing my childhood philosophies and educational values gained from the church.” 

Reflecting on its practical implications, he added, "It enhanced my response to moral challenges, better preparing me to address the needs of these volatile communities."

Mr. Marlon Oldfield, Parish Liaison Officer for St. James, fervently encourages everyone to be a part of the programme. 

“My advice is to get on board right now. Mentorship is one of the greatest programmes that we would have initiated in the conference. It offers a pathway to support our youth and adults alike so we  can mold their minds and continue to foster better relationships with each other and with Christ,” he concluded. 
Officers from the Parish Youth Federations across the four parishes are currently being trained by the EYES Mentorship Secretariat in order for them to shed light on the programme and recruit interested persons to get on board. The West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is calling for all interested persons to sign up, get trained, and get involved in the business of mentoring our youth. For more information on how to become a mentor or mentee, contact the EYES Mentorship Initiative at 



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