Statement of Purpose

The Stewardship and Trust Services Department of the West Jamaica Conference holds as its vision, “every believer living in readiness for Christ’s second coming – Putting God first.” Therefore, we are inviting people to trust God as owner and provider, and to partner in his final mission through regular and systematic giving. The Stewardship Department aims then to provide spiritual empowerment for all members, stewardship education for all people, while building trust and confidence in our partnership with God. these we aim to fulfill through growth and consolidation, education and training, health and family wellness, and the Church being alive in the community. Ultimately, it is our aim to lead all to acknowledge the inalienable ownership of God and that all man’s possessions; talent, treasure, time, and temple (body) truly belongs to him. This we will continue to do through Seminars, Sermons, presentations, practical illustrations, commitment ceremonies, interactions and other relevant activities.


The history of the Stewardship Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church began in 1958. At the Autumn Council, the Church Development Service was set up with W. J. Hubert as its Leader. Its primary duty was to organize fundraising and to provide counselling and direction to churches in North America. During the 1966 GC Session, a department was organized under the name Church Development Service. Then, at the Spring meeting of 1967, a committee was appointed to give study to its name and the scope of its work. The Committee reported at the Annual Council of 1967 where the department was established, and the name officially changed to Stewardship and Development. Thus, in 1970, under the leadership of pastor Glen E. Smith at the Inter American Division and Pastor W. A. Holgate at The West Indies Union Conference, the Stewardship Departments were established in the local Conference of our Union.


Photo of Vencot Dyer

Vencot Dyer

Ministerial Secretary


Email Address: ministerial@westjamaica.org

Telephone: 1 (876) 656-7800 Extensions: 4545 and/or 4546