WJC Youth Ministries Pilot Youth Mentorship Training in the Roehampton District

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, September 21, 2018


As part of ongoing efforts of the West Jamaica Conference to address the issue of unattached youth, the Youth Ministries Department of the West Jamaica Conference, has partnered with the Roehampton Circuit of Churches to train mentors, who will seek to guide young people within their community into a positive path amidst the negative hue of today’s society.


On Sunday, August 26, 2018, a team of trainers, who are professionals in their various fields, were led by Pastor Christopher Harvey, the Youth Ministries Director went to the Roehampton Church for the special training, where a number of young people were anxious to benefit from this pilot training programme.


“This is an excellent initiative, that the church has established,” said Randy Hayle the Saint James Parish Manager of the Social Development Commission “in terms of the mentorship component: you want to reach persons out there because everyone has their challenges.”


“The church cannot separate itself from the community. Until the church begins to address some of the individual challenges that persons are having, then it cannot win them. I think this is a win-win for the church and the community” he ended.


Pastor Christopher Harvey, the Youth Ministries Director was pleased with the fact that there were over 35 trainees in attendance at this pilot program and the quality of the presentations that were given.


“The Youth Ministries Department of West Jamaica Conference is, very much, engaged with our young people on the mentorship program” Pastor Christopher Harvey said “When I see the young people showing interest in how they can be empowered and to go back into their community and to make a difference-- it is really satisfying” he noted.

In expressing his excitement about the prospects of the programme and the meaningful presentations, that were done on the day,  Pastor Harvey noted the need for the spiritual intervention, as a significant part of the process.


With the theme: “Engage. Equip. Empower.” the young people of the Roehampton District of Churches are very hopeful of the positive changes that this initiative will achieve.


“It is a very good program, as it can help us as youth to reach our fellow youth in the community” said young Monique Morgan, of the Normandy Church “To help them to identify themselves as human, firstly, so that they can feel self-actualized and to help them to find true meaning in life. Therefore, coming to God and finding themselves in Christ.


“We normally see persons and because we don’t know what they are going through...because of the things they are doing. But we don’t know that it has a deeper meaning and sometimes we reach out to people it might not be the best way” she added.


The team of experts included counsellors, psychologists, representatives from the Narcotics Division of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and health professionals, who sought to engage the attendees in understanding the need for mentorship and how they can get involved and make a difference.


The West Jamaica Conference has been on a path reach at least 7000 unattached youth across its territory since March 2017, when it launched the mentorship programme: Empowering Youth Engaging Society (EYES)


The mentorship training will continue until December 9 with workshops across the Conference.

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