WJC Secretariat and Communication Department Benefits from ACMS Training

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, September 14, 2018
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A section of the group of trainees focusing on the presenter during the Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) training at the Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay on September 4-6, 2018 | PHOTO CREDITS:  France Chambers


Between, September 4- 6, 2018, a delegation of six persons from the West Jamaica Conference Secretariat and the Communication Department was involved in an Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) training workshop with the other fields across the Jamaica Union Conference, at the Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay.


The training, which was organized by the Jamaica Union Secretariat in partnership with the General Conference Inter-America Division and the General Conference Headquarters, was designed to expose over 30 representatives from the Conferences to the rudiments of ACMS, to train local clerks to use the system and to officially launch its use in the Jamaica Union territory.


“We have a problem with the accuracy of our church membership,” said Pastor Donovan Williams, Executive Secretary of West Jamaica Conference, who was also a delegate at the workshop.  He further added that “the matter of the transfer of membership can be a time-consuming activity since it now takes weeks and months for the transfer of membership. Hence, the system (ACMS) has been introduced to correct that and this can now be done in a matter of minutes” he explained.


The ACMS has been created to manage the membership of congregations across the globe in matters of adding and removal of members, transfers, and many other clerical-related activities and according to Pastor Williams, it will provide a great deal of convenience for the executing of clerical work at the local church.


“Record keeping will be significantly enhanced,” he continued to say.  “Auditing can now be done from the Conference, without the Church Clerk sending any books or doing anything...when all the data is inputted. The system has come to help the Church Clerk and once the information is inputted on a timely basis...at the end of the month, the Church Clerk will have nothing to do” he concluded, referring to the monthly and quarterly reports submitted by church clerks to the Conference.


In attendance were also two administrative assistants: Mrs. Debbie Kampengele and Ms. Pauline Daley; Pastors France Chambers, Communication Director and Jonathan Myrie, Associate Communication Director and Mr. Wayne Clarke, Information Technology Specialist.


Sherri Ingraham-Hudgins, the Director of Adventist Membership Systems of the General Conference, was the main presenter for the workshop and she gave a thorough overview of the online data software and allowed participants to have hands-on involvement in their exposure to the system.


ACMS, which has been capturing Adventist church records and being utilized across numerous Unions and Divisions, was also declared active and ready for use in the Jamaica Union territory, during the closing exercises.


Subsequent to the training, the Jamaica Union Conference Secretariat conducted an online training with church clerks across the Island via YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zgODZXUGvo).  

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