WJC Called to United Action for ‘Project 2019’

  •   France Chambers
  •  Friday, September 14, 2018


With approximately six months before the grand celebration, that will culminate the Mission Project 2019 initiative in Jamaica, on Sabbath, September 1, 2018, the West Jamaica Conference Territory was called to action by leaders from the Jamaica Union and the local Conference to unite their efforts for this mission.


In a rallying call to the congregation in Westmoreland, Pastor Everett Brown, the Jamaica Union President, who was one of the five speakers on the day, passionately expressed his acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit’s call to the Church to be united for the cause of Project 2019, ultimately hastening Christ’s return.


“The Spirit of God has called us together,” said Pastor Everett Brown “as we seek to place before God the plans that He has already blessed.  We have come today as a united force, to place our resources and our lives in the hands of God. We have come under the leading of the Holy Spirit, determined to finish the work that God has entrusted to His Church” he said.


“Project 2019, is not a new program” continued Pastor Brown.  “ It is a new emphasis and thrust-- a vision of what God is doing and what God wants to do with His Church, just before we cross over into Canaan’s happy land” he exclaimed.


The conventions which covered the four Parishes within the Conference had as the theme: “Beyond the Ordinary: Going for More”. During his sermon, Pastor Brown called the Church to carry the burden of the theme.


“We are not going anymore for the ordinary, we are going for the extraordinary, because... we worship a God who is extraordinary. We are going for more, under the blood-stained banner of Prince Emmanuel” emphasized the Union President.


Pastor Glen O. Samuels, President of the West Jamaica Conference, added to the call for Total Member Involvement (TMI):“a full-scale, world-church evangelistic thrust that involves every member, every church, every administrative entity, every type of public outreach ministry, personal and institutional outreach” as stated on the website of the General Conference (https://tmi.adventist.org/).


“We have come to the greatest time in which to be alive” said Pastor Samuels “I know that we have some difficult moments, I know that violence is spreading through our nation like fire in dry grass, but I am dreaming of a day, prophetically, because He (God) said that it is in these days He will pour out his spirit upon all flesh. I am dreaming and I am waiting for God to do again what He did in the Early Church. So, all across the territory, we are praying to God for Project 2019” he ended.


There were three other convention sites: Bull Savanna and Santa Cruz Churches in St. Elizabeth with Pastors Newton Cleghorne and Meric Walker, speaking at the respective sites, while Pastor Joseph Smith was the main speaker at the WJC Auditorium in St. James.


Project 2019, will climax between January 19 and February 9, 2019, with numerous evangelistic campaigns running concurrently during the said period. Speakers from the General Conference and the local leadership will be involved in these events.


Leading up to the special event, every church member, pastor, director, school teacher and principal and all other Conference workers, will be engaged in various projects and community impact initiatives, some of which were recommended during the conventions.

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