St. James AY Federation Football League Scoring Goals for Jesus

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, October 5, 2018
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Two players, during the St. James Parish Federation League, jostle for the ball during a match at the West Jamaica Conference Playfield. | PHOTO CREDITS:  Jonathan Myrie

With the start of the new season of the St. James AY Federation Football Competition, the young people from across the parish have been benefiting from increased social interactions and spiritual renewal. The new season got off to an exciting start on Sunday, September 16, 2018, fielding a list of 18 teams from within the Parish, including church and community-based line-ups.


There were nine teams present for the opening ceremony and four games were played on the day. The community teams are excited about this form of interaction and one member of the Mount Salem Community team expresses his appreciation for the competition.


“This competition has impacted us very much,” says Clarence Barr, of the Mount Salem Community Team. “It does not just impact us on the particular days that we play— we would want to play for the entire week,” he added


Mr. Barr is grateful for the kind of transformation that the league is providing for his team members and for the kind of continuous empowerment that they are experiencing.


It has made us better persons.” he continued to say “It is a warm environment, the players are friendly. I am happy that you (the St. James Youth Federation) have included the Mount Salem Community Team in this league, it actually takes a lot of the youth off the road and makes us more involved. We are happy to be a part of this (the league) and look forward to being with the programme for years to come” he ended


As the Youth Ministries Department seeks to fulfill its mandate of Youth Mentorship, the positive outcomes of the event are welcomed by the Director.


“This is all a part of the effort of Youth Ministry to integrate the church in the community,” said Pastor Christopher Harvey, “as it is our mission...for the church to impact the community” he ended.


According to the Federation’s Social Coordinator, Jodian Walker, this start is an encouragement in relation to the objectives of the new season and she expresses hope for the overall empowerment that the games will bring.


“The aim of the league this year is geared towards allowing our young and young-at-heart to fellowship through sports and win souls in the process,” she says.  “Thus the initiative was taken to add non-member groups. We are looking forward to an exciting season. We are seeing that on Sundays, teams, who are not playing, still turn out to support the competition and other teams. There is a positive energy that is shared during the matches by spectators and players alike” she explained.


The league will continue until March 2019 and matches are played every Sunday.


See the link for the points standing:

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