Smith Calls for Transformation at Westmoreland’s Convention

  •   Adiese Jonas Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Wednesday, January 31, 2018


It was an overflowing Auditorium, as hundreds of members from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the parish of Westmoreland gathered on the Savanalamar High School grounds for the second in the series of Conventions, hosted by the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists on Sabbath January 20, 2018.

The Convention saw the involvement of the Conference Administrators, Directors and Members of Staff, along with the main highlight of the day, the Spoken Word, presented by Pastor Joseph Smith, Special Assistant to the President of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, with responsibility in the area of Evangelism.

Smith referenced the theme chosen by the West Jamaica Conference: “Positioned in Prophecy- Transformed to Proclaim,” as he called to the consciousness of congregants the need to be transformed by the Holy Spirit.

This he did as he creatively highlighted the story of Saul’s conversion. He emphatically made the point that Saul was anointed and appointed to serve as King over Israel; however he was not converted at the time of his appointment and anointing. Similarly, we Christians may find ourselves in a position where we are working for the Lord, but aren’t fully converted.

“Transformation is about what God wants to do. It is a spiritual work,” said the focused preacher. “We can be in church and we are not in Christ. We can be Church Officers and we are not converted. We can be Choir members singing and we are not converted. It is frightening but it is true. We can be preachers and we don’t know Jesus,” he continued.

Smith also pointed out that people who are transformed will find opportunities for service and witnessing wherever God places them.

“God wants to do a work in us and through us, but God first must work on us if He is to effectively work through us. Transformation is about a change of heart and behavior,” he ended.

Adlin Smith, a member of the Savannalamar SDA Church who was present at the convention service benefitted tremendously from the sermon. “The sermon allowed us to go home recharged, because many of us were operating on low voltage,” she said.

When asked about the impact of the day’s proceedings on her, she described it as a wonderful spiritual experience.

“The day for me, was highly spiritual! But what I like about the convention is that it covers the programme of the church, namely: inreach, outreach and upreach. It was a carefully thought out programme for the day and I was tremendously blessed,” she ended.

Westmoreland’s Convention featured a baptism, presentations and updates from the Administrators and Directors to the Parish, Children’s Church, Evangelism, Community Involvement and Ingathering Reports for 2017, spirit filled music and the spoken word.

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