Seventh-day Adventists accommodate several CRH services

  •   HORACE HINES Observer staff reporter
  •  Wednesday, March 1, 2017
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SAMUELS... says Seventh-day Adventists have postponed their activities to help Cornwall Regional Hospital. | PHOTO CREDITS:  Photo: Philp Lemonte


MONTEGO BAY, St James — President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Glen Samuels, says his church is playing the Good Samaritan role in housing some of the services relocated from the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH).


In fact, as a result of the housing of 18 units of the dialysis department on a building on the grounds of the Mount Salem-based West Jamaica Conference Centre, yesterday’s launch of the church’s much-anticipated Skills Centre Programmes had to be postponed.


“The launch of our Skills Centre Programmes, we have to push that back for at least another six months for the simple reason our next door neighbours, the Cornwall Regional Hospital, has asked us for help,” Pastor Samuels said.


“Dr Yates and his team came asking... they have to move the dialysis units and so we have made the space available to host 18 units in the dialysis arena,” he continued.


The church has also been accommodating the hospital’s laboratory, antenatal clinic, physiotherapy department, and multiple stations in its auditorium.


Pastor Samuels was speaking yesterday at the launch of the Adventist Professionals and Business Leaders Convention and Expo to be held at the West Jamaica Conference Centre on April 2, 2017.


Operations on the three lower floors of the 10-floor CRH have been relocated as a result of noxious fumes believed to be emanating from the the archaic ventilation system.


Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has said that the ventilation system at the hospital will be replaced.


“We have taken the position, ladies and gentlemen, that we (are) going to have to replace this vent. The days of trying to repair it are over. We want to make a fundamental shift to fixing the problem. That requires some level of complicated, complex work re-installation of a new system,” Dr Tufton said.


The health minister noted that work to replace the archaic ventilation system will run beyond the six month-period he had previously announced that it would take for its repair.


He further noted that the cost to replace the system will also climb above the “hundreds of millions” he initially quoted would be required.


Meanwhile, Pastor Samuels, who is the leader of the Seventh-day Adventist flock in the parishes of St James, Hanover, Westmoreland, and St Elizabeth, pointed out that the assistance rendered to CRH was not merely because they are next-door neighbours.


“The matter of us being so close to the hospital is not the only reason why we have given up the much-needed spaces that we have. We are a church in the community with the community in its heart,” the clergyman declared.

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