SDA Church in Salt Spring Builds Garbage Skip for Community

  •   Adiese Jonas-Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Friday, December 14, 2018
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A picture of the garbage skip under construction in Salt Spring, St. James. | PHOTO CREDITS:  Contributed

The Salt Spring Community now has added reason to celebrate, being the proud beneficiaries of a newly constructed Garbage Skip. The skip was constructed on Sunday, December 2, 2018, by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who were engaged in ongoing community improvement work in preparation for their Mission Project 2019 celebrations. The climax of the project scheduled to take place in February 2019, will see the Adventist Church across Jamaica engaged in community outreach activities in a bid to spread the gospel using what inspired Author Ellen White, terms as  ‘Christ’s method alone.’


“We wanted to make an impact in the community,” said Laundale Munroe who serves as the Pastor of the Salt Spring District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches.  “The garbage skip was constructed right beside the school and so it makes it a healthier and cleaner environment. We know the community is appreciative of it and we really wanted to make a difference” he said.


The construction of the sanitary convenience is one of several improvement works that the Church will be undertaking in the ensuing weeks. Among the upcoming projects on their agenda is a major road renovation exercise that seeks to improve traveling within the Salt Spring District.


The road improvement work which is being planned for December 23, 2018, will serve as added Yuletide joy, for traversers and passers-by in the area.



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