Roehampton Church and “AY STORM” Provides Shelter

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, January 18, 2019

Members of the Roehampton Church and the AY STORM (Adventist Youth Striving Toward Our Redemptive Movement) on Sunday, January 13, 2019 handed over a new set of keys for a completed one bedroom house to Eric Brown of the Roehampton Community in St. James.


The missionary group, AY STORM, that is known within the circles of young people across the St. James Parish and the Conference at large for creating a whirlwind of excitement at numerous local church socials joined hands with the Roehampton Congregation and has been busy since December 23 assisting their Church brother with the construction of a well-needed place to live.


“In 2018 we decided that we must take on a major project” said Elder Denver Haughton, President of the AY STORM. “We came into the Roehampton District and we saw someone who was well in need of a house. We pooled the funds of team members and we approached the Roehampton Church and they made their contributions as well.”  The elder went on to express his satisfaction with the fact that Mr. Brown now has a comfortable dwelling place while fulfilling one of their main objectives for 2019.


District Pastor, Rabbi Brown, who serves the Roehampton Church, also celebrates the accomplishment of the partnership between members of the church and the AY STORM on the project.


“The Roehampton Church, at the Board Level, had several discussions regarding the project, which is spearheaded by the AY STORM. We got involved in securing permission for the lot of land, where the house is built.”  The Church board was tasked with the responsibility to pursue this negotiation and were successful. Upon this approval numerous members of the Roehampton congregation also lent their support both physically and financially to the construction of the unit.


“We really wanted Brother Brown to be comfortable. It has been a project in the pipeline and we say to God be the Glory that it is now a reality” ended Pastor Brown.


Matthew Graham, who is the Technology and Project Manager for the group was also on location to share in the experience and was rather pleased with the outcome of the team’s efforts. “We did all that we could to ensure that Mr. Brown has a nice place to live. He is very thankful and we give thanks to God that we were able to help Him.”


“We are delighted and happy that we were able to help in a time of need” said Mr. Walton “Woody” Shaw, First Vice President of the AY STORM “It really brings joy to our hearts for completing this project.” The grateful team leader took the time to make an appeal to other persons to get involved in more projects of this nature.


The AY STORM as a group was Established August 2015 and is an affiliate of the St. James Adventist  Youth Federation.

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