Pathfinders Triumph In Spite of Odds

  •   Adiese A. Jonas Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Contingent from Jamaica Union | PHOTO CREDITS:  Adiese Jonas-Murphy

Over seventy Pathfinders & Master Guides spanning the length and breadth of the West Jamaica Conference Constituency, were among 232 Pathfinders and Master Guides from the Jamaica Union Conference, who weathered the storm at the Inter American Division’s (IAD) Pathfinders’ Camporee held in the Dominican Republic between April 10 and 16, 2017.


Hosted under the theme, “Lineage of Champions,” over thirteen thousand Youth from the IAD, left the comfort of their homes to camp in open air for six days. For many, Camp was a test of their tenacity, while others told the tale of overcoming flooded tents, food challenges and water shortages. Yet, in spite of the challenges faced, the Jamaican delegation of Champions had much to thank God for.


“The opportunity to meet and to share cultures is something that our Pathfinders would relish,”said the Youth Director of the West Jamaica Conference, Pastor Vincent Rose. “Pathfinders have been taking the opportunity to get their honours and most persons are settling into the Camporee nicely. The challenges are there, but it is preparation for what we think we may face in times to come,” ended the cheerful Pastor.


Youth Director for the Jamaica Union Conference, Pastor Dane Fletcher also commended the Jamaican delegation for their resilient spirit. His comments came moments after new arrangements were made to replace the local food provider for the Jamaican contingent. The transition from the former food provider to the new one was made smoother with the assistance of Pastor Braham who had with him a local Pastor, who connected us with a better food provider, and since then the spirit in the Camp has been warm.” He continued, “we are really a people of good fellowship. In as much as the rain came down on Friday Night, we have shown that we are a people of resilience.”


Though some campers frowned on the challenges experienced, Pathfinder Chevaughn Walker found the camping experience to be a sobering test of his survival skills. “The storm was interesting,” he remarked. “It really brought us back to what Pathfindering is all about, running in ankle deep water in the rain trying to get the suitcases and luggage into the shelter. For me, it was fun!”


The highlights of this year’s Camporee included: Daily devotion and assembly with the Union territories, a Drill and March Competition, a wedding ceremony depicting Ruth and Boaz’s marriage, Bible Bowl competitions, among others.
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