Outstanding Community Services Leaders in Westmoreland Honored at Special Banquet

  •   Shadeka Haye, Communication Secretary
  •  Friday, October 25, 2019

On Sunday, October 20, 2019, sixteen persons were awarded by the Westmoreland Community Services Federation and West Jamaica Conference for their outstanding contribution and stellar service to their fellowmen in the field of Community Services. Their years of service ranged from fifteen to thirty-five years. The awardees were honored at a special banquet held at the Savanna-la-mar Preparatory School Auditorium.


The guest speaker for the evening, Pastor Glen O. Samuels, President and Community Services Director of West Jamaica Conference, expressed his thanks to the Federation for faithfully planning and executing programs. “The greatest demonstration of appreciation is not the one given when the casket is covered with flowers in the church, but the ones given when your ears can hear it” the President said.


Samuels’ address focused on compassion and emphasized that this type of concern for others is associated with the Ministry of Jesus. The attendees were challenged to serve those in need in their community by being a compassionate and caring church. “Our society needs to be at a place where they can see in the church, a reflection of what the society should look like” the President implored.


The guest speaker ended by reminding the gathering to carry a balanced gospel; focusing on both attending to the needs of others as well as doctrine. “Real church takes place after we’ve left church, to find the poor, the needy and the helpless” he explained.


Mrs. Marion Barrett-Popkin, Treasurer of West Jamaica Conference, commended the Federation President, Mrs. Yvonne Thorpe-Sonlin and her Executive body for their open recognition of those who have served over the years.


“I believe that the Westmoreland Federation is first out of the blocks in recognizing, in this manner, those who have unstintingly, selflessly given of themselves” she highlighted.


Gloria Brown, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Coote Savannah, was acknowledged as the longest serving Community Services Leader of the Westmoreland Community Services Federation. Brown has served a total of thirty-five years. She could hardly contain her delight as she extolled the department the church. She expressed her love for helping others and encouraged members of the church to get involved.


“I love to do Community Service and I love taking care of the poor and needy. I raised eight children on my own that were not mine biologically. I’m not looking for compensation because I will be rewarded in heaven,” Brown ended.


The Federation President, Yvonne-Thorpe-Sonlin and member of the of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sandstone, was also awarded as the longest serving leader with thirty-five years of outstanding service in the field.


The following Community Services leaders were also honored on Sunday: Merril Foster (Negril), Leonie Haughton (Darliston), Cleopatra Robinson (Faith), Sadie Miller (Deleon Bigwoods), Barbara Watson (Belmont), Novia Tomlinson (Good Hope), Iona Prendegast (Petersfield), Viola Doyley (Petersfield), Edris Irving (Bath), Ivette Myles (Cornwall Mountain), Rebecca Cunningham (Porter’s Welcome), Amy Levene (Porter’s Mountain), Byron Broomfield (Savanna-la-mar High School & Community Services) and Dyke Williams.      

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