Newly Elected & Appointed Leadership of the WJC Installed

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Thursday, July 26, 2018


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The JAMU Administrators kneel in solidarity with the recently elected Administrators of the West Jamaica Conference as Pastor Bancroft Barwise prayed a consecratory prayer on their behalf on Sabbath, July 21, 2018, in the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Centre, Mount Salem, Montego Bay. | PHOTO CREDITS:  Michael Fletcher


As the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists turns the pages of a new chapter in the life of the 2018- 2022 Quadrennium, the Constituency paused for three and a half hours, to witness the installation of the team of Administrators, Directors and Executive Committee Members.


The Installation Service which was held on Sabbath July 21, 2018, took place at Seventh-day Adventist Conference Centre, Mount Salem, Montego Bay and saw a wide cross- section of attendees ranging from National and Civic Leaders, to Pastors, Members, well- wishers and supporters.


The evening’s proceedings was filtered with several musical items, a homily and special greetings from Civic Leaders; including the Governor General, represented by the Custos Rotulorum of St. James, Bishop the Honourable Conrad Pitkin, Dr. The Honourable Christopher Tufton, the Minister of Health and Reverend Everton Jackson of the Peace Management Initiative, Western.


“Our number one priority in West Jamaica is preaching the everlasting gospel in its full and free context, for that cannot be secondary to anything else” said Pastor Glen O. Samuels, during his reply to the congregation.  Samuels continued by expressing his concern for the condition of the society and the future, especially of our young people. He issued a charge for the church to become more engaged in making a difference.


“Our Buildings are too expensive to be opened only two days per week” he continued. “From St. James to Hanover, we must find volunteers to offer services to the people of our region,” he added.


He went on to note the efforts of the Seventh-day Adventist Church at Kings, as an example of volunteerism, for their evening-class programme that, helped have helped countless individuals to be successful at achieving passes in their examinations. He noted the success of a Senior Citizen who achieved noteworthy successes in his recent sitting of the CXC Examinations.  


“The Kings Church taught him, that he is not too old to try” ended President Samuels.


President of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Everett Brown, was also in attendance. During his charge to the newly elected team, he called for the leaders to continue to recognize and operate within the remit of the purpose of the church.


“The purpose of this church is the same as that which was espoused and practiced by Jesus Christ, His disciples and the apostles” he asserted. “That mandate, that mission that the church embraces in 2018 was clearly enunciated by Jesus Christ to His disciples in Matthew 28:19, 20: Go, preach, teach, baptize and make disciples” said Brown.


The newly installed team of Administrators and Departmental Directors were elected to serve the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, during the Fifth Quadrennial Session which took place between June 20 & 21, 2018


The members of the team are as follows:

  • Pastor Glen Samuels: President,
  • Pastor Donovan Williams: Executive Secretary
  • Mrs. Marion Barrett Popkin: Treasurer.
  • Pastor Vincent Rose: Ministerial Secretary
  • Carol Smythe-James: Children, Adolescents and Women's Ministries
  • Pastor France Chambers: Communication
  • Pastor Norman Thompson: Family Ministries
  • Pastor Christopher Harvey: Youth Ministries
  • Pastor Jonathan Myrie: Associate Communication and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) and Trust Services
  • Pastor Laundale Munroe: Sabbath School
  • Pastor Charles Brevitt: Stewardship and Leadership Development
  • Pastor Egnal Grant: Health and Personal Ministries


The post of Education Director is an appointed portfolio by the Executive Committee. Therefore, during its first meeting conducted on July 3, 2018, the Executive Committee voted to re-appoint Pastor Stephen Drummond to serve as the Director of Education for the period.


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