#MissionProject19 WJC Countdown: Water Works, Dias, Blenheim

  •   France Chambers
  •  Friday, January 11, 2019

Things are warming up as we draw nearer to the Mission Project 19 date. We continue, this week, to share updates from programmes surrounding the Mission Project 2019 Initiative and this week we are sharing some highlights from the Water Works, Dias and Blenheim Churches.  We hope that as you read and view you will be inspired to do your part wherever you are in the Conference. We are 7 days, 1 Week (as of Sabbath, January 12), away from the main event.


The events are organized according to the time that they occurred.





Approximately 15 persons from the small rural community of Blenheim, Hanover, were recipients of a year-end-treat in their community. The event included fun rides for children, massage therapy, facial and pedicure for adult citizens. Homes were also supplied with water, as the community suffers from a water shortage.




The Dias Church was again engaged in an outreach activity that saw over 30 persons benefiting from food packages that were put together by over 30 members from the church. Members also visited a nursing home, where they also groomed a number of the elderly members of the facility during the visit. The outreach event is labelled by the Church as an annual pantry day and this was the second of such project.


Water Works

The Water Works congregation was busy on January 1, 2019, distributing meals to homeless individuals within the Water Works and Savanna-la-mar areas. Over 60 persons were given a hot meal and a bottle of water.

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