#MissionProject19 WJC Countdown: Georges Plain and Lottery

  •   France Chambers/Contributed
  •  Friday, January 18, 2019

Things are warming up as we draw nearer to the Mission Project 19 date. We continue, this week, to share updates from programmes surrounding the Mission Project 2019 Initiative and this week we are sharing some highlights from the Georges Plain, Lottery and Black River Churches.  We hope that as you read and view you will be inspired to do your part wherever you are in the Conference. We are at the beginning of two weeks of emphasis on Mission Project 2019 (as of Sabbath, January 19). We look forward to the great movement of the Holy Spirit and pray for a tremendous harvest during this period and beyond.




The events below are organized according to the time that they occurred.






George’s Plain


The Georges Plain Church was, on Sunday, January 12, 2019, engaged in a special tract distribution and promotion drive for the upcoming Mission Project 2019 Health Expo that is slated to take place at the Savanna-la-mar High School on Sunday, January 27. Approximately 20 members of the church combed their community, going from house-to-house with Priorities Magazines and other literature while sharing prayer and the Gospel with all the persons that came in contact with.






Over at the Lottery playfield on Sabbath, January 12, 2019 members of the Lottery Church were a part of a special street meeting programme, that was organized to create awareness for an upcoming campaign. Numerous community members were blessed by service that included special seasons of prayer for the spoken word and wonderful singing. The members also distributed tracts. The event was supported by the Pastor James Sonlin, First Elder Edwards and Inspector of Police Franklyn Hunter.  




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