Lives Transformed at WESCONYOUCA 2018

  •   Adiese Jonas-Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Friday, August 3, 2018
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Campers participate in Art and Craft Session during WESCONYOUCA at Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth | PHOTO CREDITS:  Cleveland Furze

After being away from the comfort of their daily routines for one week, young people at their annual Seventh-day Adventists organized camp are now left with memories of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and added joy as a result of the formation new relationships.


Dubbed WESCONYOUCA 2018, the event took place at Camp Braham in Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth between July 24 and 31, 2018.


Several of the more than 250 youth who attended confessed that they did not expect the Camp to impact them in the way it did. Among them was a young man from the community who testified of its impact on his life.


“I’m actually a first-time camper” he expressed. “My experience has been fulfilling and spiritually beneficial. I am actually a former gang member and I have decided to change my life, not only for myself but also for my little brother who also emulates me. I don’t want him to do things that I have done.”


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All Female Unit Lines up for inspection during WESCONYOUCA 2018 | PHOTO CREDITS:  Cleveland Furze

According to Youth Ministries Director Christopher Harvey, it was by deliberate design that the leadership cohort saw it fit to structure the week-long list of activities to be spiritually impacting.


“The programmes are designed for mentoring and we just want to celebrate what God is doing through West Jamaica Conference” he said. “It has been a breathtaking experience to identify with the strong army of young people in this great conference. We have seen the moving of the Holy Spirit lives are being changed. People are learning and improving. It goes to show that the heritage of the church is still rich, and camp has been of great benefit” Harvey ended.


Esther Graham, also a first-time camper and a member of the Hampton Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. James said “I have met so many individuals and have received overwhelming spiritual blessings. My life has been enriched! I have learned so much, so I give God all the praise for allowing me to be here.”


Apart from the spiritual activities offered at this year’s camp, individuals received the opportunity to participate in several activities ranging from the Opening Jamboree and spectacular Jamaica Night, to their Evening of Excellence, Outreach Impact in the Community and Sports Day. Many also made use of the opportunity to participate in various honours classes, an activity campers look forward to as they learn beneficial life skills.


According to 10-year-old Doneilia Wint from the Mount Salem Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. James, the WESCONYOUCA 2018 has added tremendous value to her life.


“I have been enjoying Camp Braham. It has been so much fun; the food has been excellent and I love the Inspirational Assembly! I love everything about it! It gets interesting to hear about God’s Word from our Chaplain.I also love the fact that we get to participate in Honours Classes and Craft.”


At the end of the camp, two campers surrendered their hearts to the Lord through baptism.

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