JAMU Recognizes Colporteurs at Curacao, Colporteurs Congress

  •   Sophia Dormer, Administrative Assistant Communication/Publishing Department, EJC
  •  Friday, August 30, 2019



Top colporteurs in Jamaica Union were recognized for their outstanding contribution in colporteur ministry and presented with awards at the joint Jamaica Union and Caribbean Union Conferences Colporteurs Congress, held on August 20-25, 2019 in Curacao.  The event was hosted by the Curacao Conference and took place at the Curacao Caribbean Resort (formerly the Hilton Hotel).

Under the theme "Cast Deeper” over 150 Colporteurs from across the two unions were encouraged to launch out and throw out their nets like the fishermen in the story told in Luke Chapter 5 and allow God to fill their nets which he will never allow returning empty.


The program began with the parade of the Conferences from the Caribbean and Jamaica Union respectively.  Pastor  Sherman Kook , Publishing Director and President of the host Conference Curacao, gave warm welcome to all present, while natives of the island shared a little of the country’s history and culture in song and drama presentations.  

Keynote speaker for the opening ceremony, Pastor Sherman Kook, said, trust is important in every relationship and God wants to trust us. “God is looking for people whom he can depend on, God wants to save every single human being,” Kook said. “Canvassing is only for those who can cast deep,” he added.


During the reports from each union conference, special awards were given to colporteurs who did outstanding work in the canvassing field.


JAMU Treasurer, Pastor Bancroft Barwise during his greetings said the Literature Evangelists have worked hard and they deserved this opportunity to “come apart and rest awhile” just as Jesus recommended.


Barwise said, “we know only too well that it is the Literature Evangelists who started the work in our region, and when preaching and other forms of evangelism will be prohibited, it is the books that the literature evangelist put in the homes today, that will continue to transform lives for Jesus Christ.”


Publishing Director for JAMU, Pastor Dudley Hosin in his report, recognized the outstanding Colporteurs in Jamaica Union and said there are over 250 Literature Evangelists across the five Conferences in Jamaica Union.  He shared the view that publishing directors and colporteurs will always have work in the future. This is based on writings from the pen of inspiration in the book Colporteur Ministries page 11 which states that “As long as probation continues there will be the opportunity for the canvasser to work.  When ministers are not able to preach, and teachers are not able to teach, the Colporteur will always have work to do.”   

The Jamaica Union Champion Colporteur for 2018 was awarded to Sister Venus Wallen of the East Jamaica Conference who sold over 5 million dollars’ worth of books. Wallen also copped the local Conference award. In the area of soul winning, Sister Elizabeth McLaughlin of the North East Jamaica Conference was named champion having won 61 souls for Christ.


Presenting the award to Wallen and McLaughlin respectively were, Dr. Eric Nathan President, East Jamaica Conference and Pastor Adlai Blythe, President of the North East Jamaica Conference.


Sister Angela Brown of the West Jamaica Conference, was awarded champion for both sales and souls in the local field with over $2 million in sales and 11 souls.  Notably Brown has over many successive years been the JAMU Champion. The Jamaica Union Conference also expressed sincere condolence to her on the passing of her beloved husband who died a few weeks before the Congress.


Other Champions were:


Sanika Duhaney champion for souls 32 – East Jamaica Conference


Valrie Bell champion for sales $2 M – Central Jamaica Conference


Clifford Hamilton champion for souls 17 – Central Jamaica Conference


Jennifer Stewart champion for sales $945,498 – North East Jamaica Conference


Annette Page champion for sales $1M - North Jamaica Conference


Charmaine Hewitt champion for souls 49 – North Jamaica Conference


Sharing the joy with the champions were the Presidents and Publishing Directors for each Conference. Special recognition was also given to two former directors Sister Kathleen Dunkley of the East Jamaica Conference and Pastor James Sonlin of the West Jamaica Conference for their sterling contribution to the Publishing Ministry.

The silent messengers (literatures) that are placed in the homes of people through the work of the canvasser will strengthen the gospel ministry in every way. TC, Vol. 6 p. 316

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