Clergyman calls on cops to hold strain when person presumed

  •   France Chambers
  •  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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| PHOTO CREDITS:  France Chambers


MONTEGO BAY, St James -- President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Pastor Glen Samuels has urged members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to restrain themselves from taking the law into their hands when they see someone who is presumed guilty is freed by the court.

“Can I say a truth that may not be the most comfortable truth to declare? That matter of the guilty walking free can cause something to grow on the inside that if you are not careful you may yield to the temptation of giving a kind of justice that is not according to law. I urge restraint, even in the face of the guilty walking free for there is a God who reserves final justice. There is a God in heaven that, unless the guilty repent, there shall be no escape,” Pastor Samuels charged.


He was speaking last week at the inaugural Annual Security Forces and Youth Mentorship Prayer Breakfast, put on by the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists at the church's conference centre in Mount Salem, St James.


The Adventist pastor noted that he is fully aware of the disappointment of law enforcers when they are unsuccessful in getting a guilty verdict after working hard to build their case.


“I know the frustration when you build a case and you have to watch the guilty walk free because the justice system requires, and rightly so, that every person is innocent until proven guilty,” the clergyman said.


“Can I ask, therefore, that the Police High Command look carefully at the issue of going further in strengthening the investigative arm by recruiting the most brilliant minds we can find,” Pastor Samuels said.


He added: “And I don't know if we shouldn't even ACP (Donovan Graham), look again at extending the training period for those who are required to address these critical issues of violence as we have it in our country. The truth is you can't do it alone.”


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