“Class and Quality”: Davis Cove Church Dedicated

  •   France Chambers, Communication
  •  Tuesday, November 20, 2018


During a jubilant and emotionally-filled celebration of hard work, sweat and tears, the leaders and members of the Davis Cove congregation presented to God a well-finished edifice on Sunday, November 11, 2018 under the auspices of the representatives from the Jamaica Union and the West Jamaica Conference Administration.


The achievement of dedication was used as an object lesson to challenge the congregation to a more stable relationship with God. Pastor Joseph Smith, who gave the homily was strident in presenting an alignment of the physical accomplishment with the need for a spiritual rededication.


“Having invested so much in this church, we must be faithful to hear well done from the lips of Jesus” said Pastor Joseph Smith, the Ministerial Director of the Jamaica Union. The Union representative went on to commend the Church for their tremendous effort in erecting the building with such “class and quality.”


Since 1949 the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Davis Cove has been on a path of growth, numerically and physically. From worshipping in church members’ homes in the early years to a building without any finished flooring, the completed structure is an accomplishment that the members are elated about. This has been accomplished through great sacrifice and commitment.

“Ever since I became a member of the church” said Elder Ransford Allen, who is now the first elder “I decided that I would bring the energy that I had out there (in the world) to the church as a contractor. I was committed to see this church completed,” exuded the Elder.


“When I became a member, we were worshipping on stone and marl and the wind made worship very uncomfortable. I, therefore, muscled my effort to do all that I can to reach to the point of dedication” ended the delighted Elder, who was applauded and presented with a plaque.


Pastor Jermaine Bailey who was recently assigned to the District, taking over from Pastor Christopher Harvey,  shared in the brethrens’ excitement and is very pleased with the sacrifices that have been made by his predecessors.


“You can see it in their jubilation. The amount of work that they have put into the building for the dedication to materialize is tremendous. After sitting down with the brethren to reflect on the dedication, they have expressed great excitement, because the building process has hampered their ability to focus on evangelism. However, now that they have completed it, they are now excited to carry-on the work of preaching the Gospel,” said Pastor Bailey.


“The church is a lighthouse in the community and the members are anticipating embarking on numerous programmes that will bring more members into the newly completed building,” ended Bailey.


A number of members from across the parish of Hanover and as far away as Brinkley in St. Elizabeth were among the congregants who were present at the opening of the temple. Also present were former pastors, a number of Conference Directors and the Conference Treasurer, Mrs. Marion Barrett-Popkin.


Davis Cove Church is a part of the Lucea District of Churches in Hanover and is located approximately eleven (11) kilometers west of the town of Lucea.

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