Children Lead Peers to Christ

  •   Margaret Harwood-Farquharson/ WJC Communication Department
  •  Friday, October 25, 2019


Four children were baptized during Children's Week of Prayer 2019, which was conducted by children of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Barrett Town, on Sabbath, October 12, 2019.  




Themed “Transformed Children Reaching Others” the programme began on October 4 and was coordinated and executed by the children with guidance from the Children’s Ministries Committee. 




According to Margaret Harwood-Farquharson, Children’s Ministries Director, “the main objective of the programme was for the children to reach their friends in the church who are not yet baptized. She continued by stating that the children allowed the Holy Spirit to use them, and they performed beyond what was expected,”




In addition to preaching, the children performed roles such as Bible Workers and Prayer Band Members. These efforts brought great satisfaction to the young members and led to the baptism of their peers. 




“It was a very good programme”, cited Jhora Farquharson, one of the preachers. “The adults supported us and some of our friends were baptized. Also, we (the preachers) got the opportunity to share God’s word with our peers and adults. 




Rayhanna Edmonson, one of those who were baptized during the series shared why taking the step was so important, “I got baptized because I wanted to give my life to Jesus. I may die at any time and I would not want to die without Him,” she acknowledges. 




The presenters were graduates and prospective graduates of the West Jamaica Conference Child Preacher’s Training and included: Jael Farquharson, Jhora Farquharson, Jaheem Charlton, Jahreem Charlton, Okere Bremmer, Triston Smith, Malik Myers, Qwiann Morrison and Mikhael Whyte, from the Barret Town Church. Celine-Dion Latchman and Tianna Lee were invited from the Lilliput Congregation. 

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