Cave Church Culminates Youth Mentorship Initiative with Prayer Breakfast

  •   France Chambers, Communication and Publishing Director
  •  Friday, July 19, 2019

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, Cave, Westmoreland culminated a month-long series of events with a Youth Mentorship Prayer breakfast on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at the Church. Approximately 17 pairs of mentors and their mentees were present for the event that was organized by the church to encourage the wholistic development ofits youth.


According to the Adventist Youth (AY) Federation President for the Parish of Westmoreland, Elder Damion Williams, who is also the AY Leader for Cave, since the launch of the youth mentorship program in January of this year, “We chose the month of June as mentorship month, where we highlight the youth mentorship programme,” he explained. During the breakfast ceremony, “We had break-out sessions with the youth from our community and the church, for the females and males separately” added Williams.


The leadership of the Cave Church is intentional in providing youth empowerment and spiritual development to its young people as they seek to retain their membership and interest.


“The church saw it fit to come up with a program that would encourage spiritual growth for the young people in Cave,” said Pastor Orlando Powell, of the Whitehouse District of Churches “The purpose of this mentorship programme is to identify more mature spiritual and senior members in our church, to offer that kind of help to mentor our young people in our church,” added Powell. The Pastor went on to emphasize the need for being intentional in training and empowering our young people so that we do not lose them. This in light of the fact that they make up approximately 70 percent of our world-wide church membership.


One Mentee expressed her delight for the impact that the programme has been having and how much she has been encouraged by her mentor.


“The mentorship programme is very influential,” says Serika Gayle of the Cave Church “As young people we tend to be easily drawn to the world, but there are always adults there to guide us. Every morning my mentor calls me before I leave for school; she calls to give me tips and Bible verses that can help throughout the day.” She went on to note the fact that she has seen improvements in the church since the initiation of the programme. Serika also noted the benefit of being able to share, sometimes sensitive matters, with her mentor, that generally one may find difficult to disclose to parents or other individuals.


Also present at the event was Pastor Christopher Harvey, the Youth Ministries Director of the Conference was the main speaker with Pastor Michael Dixon of the Darliston District of Churches assisting with a charge.


The West Jamaica Conference has been on a path to reach at least 7000 unattached youth across its territory since March 2017, when it launched the mentorship programme: Empowering Youth Engaging Society (EYES)

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