“Bone of my Bones” Continues to Empower Families

  •   France Chambers, Communication Director
  •  Friday, November 30, 2018


The annual Couples’ Convention, dubbed “Bone of my Bones”, of the West Jamaica Conference, continues to empower and transform families across the territory and on Sabbath, November 24, 2018  couples converged in large numbers to the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Centre for the much-anticipated event.


A capacity crowd showed up for the programme, organized by the Family Ministries Department, and they were empowered to build better families as the theme intimated: “Building Stronger Families—One Home at a Time.”


Pastor Alonzo Smith, in a direct and riveting sermon, challenged the congregation to be careful of the “Delusional Disorder of Deception.”  According to the seasoned Family Life Therapist and Pastor: “Deception not only perpetuates itself individually, but it extends itself generationally.”


Basing his discourse on the lie told to Isaac by Jacob and Rachel in the book of Genesis (27:1-4) he appealed for a greater sense of honesty and openness in the action of parents, as they establish a pattern for their children to follow.


“Mothers you have to set good examples for your children...Jacob lied to his father because of his mother’s doing and on top of that he had the nerve to include God in it,” exclaimed the preacher.

He continued his appeal with a direct call to fathers and husbands to carry out their roles. “Fathers, husbands, do you understand the role that God has given to you in the family? Are you abandoning that role? You are the glue that holds the family together, you stabilize society by being there in your home and being there for your family,” asserted the Executive Secretary of the Greater New York Conference.


Pastor Norman Thompson, the family Ministries Director was pleased with the turnout of the couples and is confident that lives will be made better by the day’s presentations.


“The programme was well attended. The couples and even singles attended in great numbers,” noted the delighted Director. “By the responses received from the attendees, we recognize the objective of the programme was met. Couples left more informed, enriched and blessed by the presentations of Drs. Alanzo and June Smith,” ended Pastor Thompson.


The Sabbath’s programme was followed-up by a family ministries training on the Sunday morning, led by the guest speakers. The pastoral couples were also addressed in a concurrent meeting.

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