ASI Western Chapter ‘Back On Track’

  •   Adiese Jonas-Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Friday, July 26, 2019


The West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has now re-joined the four conferences across the Jamaica Union Territory by re- establishing its own ASI (Adventist Lay- persons Services & Industries) Chapter. The ASI Western Chapter was re-launched during a special service held on Sabbath July 20, 2019, which culminated a day of activities involving for members of the Jamaica Union Conference ASI Executive body across the WJC constituency.


ASI Professionals and Business Owners could be found scattered across Montego Bay, preaching the gospel, and educating the constituency on how to share Jesus in the Market Place.


Stewardship Director and Assistant to the President with responsibility for Leadership Development at the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Charles Brevitt, addressed the scope of operation for the ASI Western Chapter.


“The mantra of ASI is to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church” he said. “That mission is to disciple people and to intervene in a way to uplift them. ASI, which is made up of professional members of the church, give support to the mission through different aspects of evangelism or community intervention programmes that are established to take care of people’s social needs” he stated.


The Western Chapter previously established, experienced bouts of success. However, it took a downward spiral in activities, leading the Conference leadership to find creative means to re-ignite it. President of the ASI Chapter for the Inter- American Division, Marston Thomas who was present at the re-launch was delighted to see the re-establishment of the ASI Western Chapter.


“I think it is a fantastic move” said Thomas. “It is always a good thing when a Conference, Union or Division has the ASI to support them in their programmes. Over the years we have lent tremendous support to the church’s work. Some initiatives we do on our own. However, we are very happy at the Division level to see a big conference like West Jamaica getting back on track. We really hope to see it take off and we pledge our support from the Division level moving forward” he ended.


Cecil Foster who serves as President of the ASI Chapter for the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists expressed his profound joy for having the West ‘back in the game.’


“West is a huge part of driving the mission for ASI and the mission of the church” said Foster. “With West Jamaica not being a functional chapter, our Business Owners and Professionals would not have been able to formally share in promoting mission. Therefore, having members from the East come to the West and preaching at different locations which culminated with a re-launch, makes me feel like this is the ground game of the church” he said.


The ASI Western Chapter has at its helm newly elected President and Attorney-at-Law, Miss Trudi- Ann Howe. Howe who serves as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Ironshore in Montego Bay was delighted to be asked to serve in this capacity.


“I am heartened by the strong showing of support from the professionals and business people from ASI within the, Jamaica Union, and East Jamaica chapters in particular. I look forward to continued partnerships in service to West Jamaica Conference, and ultimately the achievement of the Church's mission” she ended. 


Below is the listing of the newly formed Executive Body of the ASI Western Chapter, who will serve for the next two years:

  • President – Ms. Trudi-Anne Howe
  • Vice President – Dr. Keith Wedderburn
  • Vice President – Mr. Roger Williams
  • Vice President – Mrs. Barbara Brown-Woolery
  • Vice President – Mr. Bryce Grant
  • Secretary – Pastor Charles Brevitt
  • Treasurer – Ms. Narga Leach
  • Treasurer – Mr. Roger Williams
  • Public Relations Officer – Mr. Paul Stanton
  • Public Relations Officer – Ms. Erica Barnett
  • Projects Coordinator – Mr. Harnel Taylor
  • Projects Coordinator – Mr. Radcliffe Dockery
  • Projects Coordinator – Mr. Glen Vernon
  • Evangelism Coordinator – Mr. Dalton McKenzie
  • Evangelism Coordinator – Mr. Kingsley Clarke
  • Floor Member – Dr. Courtney Watson
  • Floor Member – Mrs. Hyacinth Walker-Dixon
  • Floor Member – Ms. Melva Spence
  • Floor Member – Mr. Oral McNaren
  • Personal Ministries Director (WJC) – Pastor Egnal Grant
  • Immediate Past President – Mr. Dennis Samuels




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