Adventist Pastor & Expectant Father Authors ‘Let that Baby Cry’

  •   Adiese Jonas Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Thursday, July 5, 2018
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Pastor Darren Murphy of the Hopewell District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Parish of Hanover. | PHOTO CREDITS: 

In an age where the success of a Pastor depends greatly on how well he or she learns the art of balancing time, Pastor Darren Murphy of the Hopewell District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Parish of Hanover, not only faced the day to day rigors of his Pastoral duties, but also gave up numerous hours of sleep to write a book that he believes will assist Christians in their daily fight against temptations.

In his book captioned “Let that Baby Cry,” the average mind ponders the question, “How could one be so uncaring, unloving or even insane, to leave a crying baby unattended?” But in the context of this new publication, the Young Father to be, does not seek to address parental issues, rather, he uses the ‘baby’ as a metaphor to allude to various temptations that Christians fight against; temptations which he describes, are like “crying babies” screaming for our attention.  

“When we consent to these temptations,” said Murphy “we yield to habits and addictions that are hard to break and the ensuing struggle creates misery. This book, therefore, seeks to provide help in the fight against temptations.”

The Pastor, now Author, encourages Christians in general, but more specifically Youth in the Church, not to shy away from writing about their experiences in the faith. Writing he believes, is an excellent avenue to strengthen the walk of others facing similar challenges.

“People have written on just about every topic, but they haven’t heard your perspective. Your experiences and perceptions are different. Don’t waste your pain or your misfortune” he said. “Own them and benefit from them too! Document them. Print them. Share them” he encouragingly stated.

It took Murphy a total of five years to complete his book. The Young Pastor recounts his experiences of how he balanced a total of seventeen Congregations during that period, along with being a new husband and serving as a Recruitment Officer at Northern Caribbean University.

“There were days that I felt I had things under control and there were other days I just didn’t. The truth is, I struggled with finding the balance for a while. I started Pastoral Ministry shortly after marriage and the expectations were great in both areas. I was also now seeking to write a book! Of course, I was overwhelmed at times because I didn’t always get the balancing act right. But every day I thank God for my wife. By the mercies of God, we were able to implement measures to weather the challenging periods that came.”

As the young Minister prepares to assume the responsibilities of Fatherhood, he also intends for this book to be a guide to his son and to future generations. He is ecstatic that its publication coincides with the year of child’s birth.

Murphy, a former unattached Youth who lived in the Manley Meadows, Rae Town, Greater Portmore, Bournemouth Gardens and Morant Bay Communities during his teens, left High School only achieving one CXC Subject. Today, he credits his successes and achievements as a Minister of the Gospel to the Lord and to close family and friends who assisted him along the way.

“My wife Adiese is a very important part of me and my Ministry. I want to publicly thank her for her encouragement. She motivated me to write when I didn’t feel like it. I want to thank my best friend Astor Tate along with my other family members and friends with whom I shared the idea. My profound gratitude is also extended to Pastor Glen Samuels, President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, as well as to Pastor Everett Brown and the team at the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. They have really supported me on this journey.”

“Murphy’s book ‘Let that Baby Cry,’ provides powerful perspectives on how to win the war with temptation” said Pastor Glen Samuels. “Congratulations to the young Author! I recommend it to your minds and to your libraries. Read and re-construct your road to victory, peace of mind, and a powerful life” he ended.

In addition to serving as a Pastor in the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists based in the Parish of St. James, Darren is also a Radio Host of the Programme “The Heart of Worship” aired on NCU FM and a Co-Host, alongside his wife on the Friday Evening Programme Sunset Serenade also aired on NCU FM.

Pastor Murphy has a burden on his heart for reaching unattached Youth and sharing the love of Christ with them. He seeks to mentor teenage males through planned games of football along with presentations made by him in his Churches. He believes all should aspire to live purpose-driven lives while clinging to the Blessed Hope Jesus Christ.

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