Adventist ‘Church of Choice’ Transforms Lives through Education

  •   Adiese Jonas Murphy, Associate Communication Director
  •  Friday, July 27, 2018


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The North Elevation of the King's SDA Church | PHOTO CREDITS:  Vernal Comrie

Dubbed the ‘Church of Choice’ by its membership, the King’s Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Mount Salem St. James, has been transforming lives by providing Christ-centred Education to the community. For the past four years, the Church has been hosting its Education Outreach Programme/Evening Institute, between Monday and Thursday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the Church’s premises, in a bid to cater to the academic needs of individuals.

“The King’s Seventh-day Adventist Church continues its mission to transform lives” said Stephen Drummond, Pastor of the Church. “One of the ways we do this is through Education. It is not mainstream evangelism, but we have found other creative ways to reach others and so, the Evening Institute which is offered by the Education Department continues to train Senior folk and Young People who have a desire to attain higher education.”

According to the Pastor, offering education to the community allows the Church to be relevant in the lives of those it seeks to impact.

“One of the strategies that we are embarking upon” continued the Pastor, “is the Church in the community and the role we as a Church can play to remain relevant” he ended.

Past Students of the Institute have testified that the initiative offered by the Church has been launching pad, propelling them one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.


Lilleth Hudson, J.P. and Member of Church, is one of a few persons who did not initially plan to be enrolled in the Evening Institute. Her focus was to immerse herself in the programme and to learn various principles in Mathematics which would assist her niece who was due to start High School in September 2014.


“I did the class to assist my niece, but the classes became interesting” said the former Student. “In High School, I didn’t do Math at the CXC level because my teacher didn’t think that I would do well. But the Math teacher at the Evening Institute saw my potential and encouraged me to sign up for it. I became the top student in the class and in eight months I was prepared for the examination. I am so grateful, I received a Grade Two” she ended.


The Education Outreach Programme has a wide cross-section of students, many of whom are from the Mount Salem, Irwin, Flanker, Orange and Westgate Hills communities. According to Coordinator for the Programme, Natantra Simpson, the Institute has seen successes in over eight subject areas.

“Subjects offered to the community are based on the availability of our volunteers who are trained teachers” she said. “We try to offer at least four subjects per year. We begin with prayer and we end with prayer because we believe that the work of Education and Redemption is one.”


The Institute caters to varied age groups (thirteen and older) who are desirous of sitting their CXC Subjects. Delroy Smith, aged sixty-three, is the eldest participant of the Institute to date. He achieved a Grade Three in his recent sitting of Social Studies at the General Proficiency Level.


“Our passes are generally good with up to an eighty five percent success rate” Simpson added.

Princess Hodges also shares her joys of how she benefited from the Church’s academic programme. “I completed Maths at the CXC level and I commend the Church for the work it is doing. I think it is a good gesture, because there are a lot of persons who don’t know how to get enrolled into an academic programme like this, so I thank the church for the work that it is doing in the community” she ended.


Currently, the Institute awaits the results of thirty-three candidates who sat examinations in May/June 2018 in the following subject areas: Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Social Studies and Mathematics. 

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