52 Health Promoters Received Wholistic Lifestyle Training

  •   France Chambers, Communication and Publishing Director
  •  Thursday, November 1, 2018

As the West Jamaica Conference seeks to fulfill its role in the promotion of health and education among the laity, the Health Ministries Department, under the leadership of the Director, Pastor Egnal Grant in partnership with the Jamaica Union Conference hosted a Health Promoters Certification from Monday to Thursday, October 29 to November 1, 2018 at the Seventh-day Adventist Conference, Montego Bay.


The certification program which had as its theme: “Wholistic Health for Personal and National Transformation” was aimed at equipping the 52 trainees with the tools to make practical decisions on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle and to train others to do the same.  


“We see that the Government is moving in this direction,” said Pastor Dudley Hossin, Jamaica Union Conference Health Ministries Director.

“NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) are killing more people than the gun. It takes more lives than murder. As a church we have had this message for over 155 years. So we are seeking to equip the leadership and the membership and the church-at-large to move in this direction; to go out and share, working with various organizations and individuals to help them eliminate all these killer diseases,” emphasized Pastor Hossin.


With the debilitating effects of lifestyle choices among the general public, a training of this sort is a necessity for church members and leaders to help prevent sickness and restore those who have been affected by poor choices. According to Pastor Hossin, this is the way that Jesus did evangelism--through healing and education.


“The Health Promoters Certification programme is geared towards educating health ministries leaders and other interested church members to embrace the health message” continued Hossin “and...to effectively do health evangelism. Jesus was very effective, because he ministered to the needs of individuals; as we know, that ‘Christ method alone will give us true success’ in reaching the people,” he ended.


Pastor Hossin, who also presented during the week of training, emphasized the fact this meeting was only the first leg of the certification program for those in attendance.


“We all have some health issues and my role is to help others to gain better health” said Errington Edwards, President of the St. James Medical Missionaries Association  “because we are seeing health today as an emergency." 


"So many persons are getting sick, and despite the advance in Medical Technology, more and more people are getting sick, which says that something in drastically wrong. Health can be traced right back to lifestyle. A lot of us get sick because we make ourselves sick. Our Job as medical missionaries (the more popular name for Health promoters) is to teach and to educate persons on how we can live healthier lives,” ended Edwards, the Lifestyle Trainer, who was also one of the presenters.


“I am excited to go back and to teach” said Colpourter Pearlina Jamieson-Days “my community, my home and my church...to tell them what they have missed. I am ready to go and make and impact” she exulted. The experienced Medical Missionary was very impressed by a presentation by Ms. Marcia Gray that highlighted the effects of sugar on the body.


Approximately 12 presenters shared in the four day event. Among the number were Doctors, Nurses and Pastors.

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