50 Orange Couples Recommitted

  •   Nickeita Hunter, Contributor
  •  Friday, June 14, 2019

On Sabbath, June 1, 2019, love electrified the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Orange as the Family Ministries Department hosted its romantic, yet solemn Couples Recommitment Service, under the theme “Each for the other- both for the Lord”. Over fifty (50) couples gathered in a shared demonstration that despite the odds, “I’d marry you again!”


The service was the fruit of a weeklong enrichment programme which treated couples to nightly presentations and engaging activities. Presentation topics included: ‘Communication’, ‘Abuse in marriage’, ‘Sexual Intimacy’, ‘Preserving your marriage’ and ‘How costly is divorce?’ Activities included a Communion Service and ‘Agape Feast’ on Sabbath evening, May 31, 2019. 


According to Vanessa Clarke, Family Ministries Director, Orange, the couple’s enrichment week was conceptualized in an effort to improve and maintain marriages within the church. “The Couples Enrichment Week came about when the thought of how important it is to improve and maintain relationships between married persons within the church. The plan was to re-energize the Physical, mental, sexual,  emotional and spiritual being of our couples”  Clarke elaborated. “This will also help married persons to communicate more and in a positive way. Couples will love and respect each other.”


Wenley and Simone Wright had high commendations for the initiative of the Family Ministries Department. According to them, “The week was excellent... it has reminded me that we must not take each other for granted. I was also reminded that marriage is the most satisfying relationship that we have on earth.”


The weekend ended with a spectacular dinner at Grand-A-View Restaurant and Event Place, where over fifty (50) couples joined in fun and laughter, helping to bring the curtains down in fine style. We thank our couples and singles who supported the programme, along with the staff of Grand-A-View, for a deliciously memorable Sunday evening.

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